Charles Rutenberg Realty & United Real Estate

In the real estate industry, trust can be hard to find. With real estate agents typically being busy, pushy and possibly unreliable, potential customers are likely to be wary about engaging.  Charles Rutenberg Realty wants to change that. That’s why Charles Rutenberg and their established partner, United Real Estate, is simply going to provide what customers want – true, genuine experiences through acknowledgement and responsiveness during the home buying or selling process.


Why list with CRR & URE

Charles Rutenberg Realty has developed 18 years of industry knowledge which includes their newly emerged partnership United Real Estate, a real estate leader in it's own right since 1925. Bringing a depth of knowledge and experience you simply won’t find anywhere else. We are part of the largest integrated network of traditional and auction real estate professionals in the country, so we can get your house sold no matter where it is. When you list your property with Charles Rutenberg Realty, you instantly employ an army of technology and marketing experts who are fully committed to finding your ideal buyer.

At Charles Rutenberg Realty, we’re on a mission to make selling your home easier than ever before. Along with United Real Estate, our group is managing more than 3,500 websites attracting over 3 million monthly visitors. As a result, we receive an enormously high volume of prospective buyers. We’ve developed proprietary software to track each prospective buyer, from initial contact all the way to their eventual purchase. This allows us to track how many people have viewed your property, and where they’re from. Then, we can develop a customized marketing campaign utilizing web-based as well as printed materials to expose your property to the largest possible audience.